Our aim

Our aim is to help young people understand their role in the future of the planet as individuals, team players and most importantly, as responsible global citizens.

In order to build a better world for everyone and the planet, the Member States of the United Nations have agreed to do their utmost to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

We need younger generations to be key players for a brighter future. For this purpose the United Nations have created the u201cGo Goals!u201d game. Designed to be fun and engaging, this game is aimed at informing you while simultaneously motivating you to actively pursue the SDGs.

Your role as a climate campaigner is crucial! With help from people like you, your family, your friends and community, we will be able to achieve the goals. Remember: even small steps can help to make a big difference if millions around the world are involved!

We hope that you enjoy this game!